Fly Your Dream As A Pilot In The Cockpit

We offer you an opportunity to live the exciting life of a pilot while flying through the sky from London to New York or any other destination of your choice.

The Cockpit offers you to fulfill your childhood dream of flying a jet airliner. With us, you are the Captain and you can choose to fly in and out of any of the 24000 airfields of the world. You can fly your jet in day or night, in rain or in snowstorm. If you are brave enough, you can feel the chill of landing in Delhi during zero visibility of a foggy winter night.

In consultation with aviation psychologist, we have developed a package that helps you to conquer the fear of flying. Our trained pilots will explain you the safety measures in the design of an aircraft, answer your questions that cripple you before flight and most importantly, make you comfortable with the idea that flying is really enjoyable.

Once in the cockpit, you will occupy Captains Seat i.e. Left Hand Seat. From here on, you are the Captain (Pilot in Command). You will takeover the controls of a commercial jet airliner, command your first officer and fly the big jet away from ground with engines roaring behind you. You will experience the intense concentration that is demanded from a pilot when navigating through weather and traffic.

The constant chatter from Air Traffic Controller, the familiar buzz from another aircraft radio telephony, the beauty of ever changing sky and the vanishing ground beneath you – Indeed the Pilot’s world is so different, mesmerizing and captivating. You will fall in love with this machine.

Throughout the flight, we will rock you with the mystic beauty of Pilot’s world – The Cockpit

Be the Captain (Pilot in Command) of Boeing 737 Aircraft

Silver Flight Experience


Enjoy flight experience of fifteen minutes. Learn basics of Boeing aircraft controls and instruments.

Price: Rs. 2,500 Details

Gold Flight Experience


Flight experience of thirty minutes, can be shared by two persons. Includes two take-offs and two landings.

Price: Rs. 4,500 Details

Professional Flight Experience


Offers One-hour flight experience, can be shared by four persons.Includes Professional Pilot briefing and debriefing.

Price: Rs. 7,500 Details

Corporate Flight Package


Ten Hour package for Frequent Flyers, Airlines, Travel Companies and Corporates.

Price: Rs. 60,000 Details