Welcome to The Cockpit where you are the Captain of B737 aircraft. By choosing to fly with us, you have given wings to your childhood dream and we will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime. Dazzling cockpit with speed and power; you are about to demystify the Pilot’s world: The Cockpit, 100 million dollar office at 41000 feet.

Your journey will begin with your pilot- instructor briefing you on the basic controls and help you through take-off and landing at an airport of your choice. You can select from thousands of airports around the world!

Once in the cockpit, you will occupy Captains Seat i.e. Left Hand Seat. From here on, you are the captain. You will takeover the controls of a commercial jet airliner, command your first officer and fly the big jet away from ground with engines roaring behind you. You will experience the intense concentration that is demanded from a pilot when navigating through weather and traffic.

The constant chatter from Air Traffic Controller, the familiar buzz from another aircraft radio telephony, the beauty of ever changing sky and the vanishing ground beneath you – Indeed the Pilot’s World is so different, mesmerizing and captivating. You will fall in love with this machine.

Throughout the flight, we will rock you with the mystic beauty of Pilot’s world.