Where is TheCockpit located?

TheCockpit Flight Simulator’s first outlet is located at IGI Airport T3 Terminal at International Departure duty free zone. Since it is inside security area, only bonafide passengers and airport entry pass holders can enjoy a flight in TheCockpit.

Who can fly it?

At present, TheCockpit is open to bonafide departing international passengers from T3 terminal and all those who have airport entry passes. Those who will be trainees with our company will be given Airport Entry Passes subject to their security clearance by BCAS.

When should I book my flight?

It is strongly recommended that you book your flight slot in advance. Ideally you should be booking a time slot which is at least one hour before the planned departure of your international flight. This entails that you should be early to CheckIn for your flight and be on time at TheCockpit.

Why should I book ahead?

Your opportunity to fly in TheCockpit is time critical as you need to be at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes prior to flight departure time. Considering that most passengers have only one hour in the terminal lounge area after immigration and security, busy simulator at your departure time may make it impossible for you to wait.

Do I always need to book ahead?

We strongly recommend to do so. TheCockpit also welcomes walk in customers.

How do I book my flight time?

You can book your flight time by choosing your flight options and paying for the same using our secured and verified online payment Gateway. You can also book your flight by phone with our customer executive when you have completed your CheckIn procedures. Customer Executive numbers are given on our contact list.

How do I buy a flight experience?

You can buy a flight experience online, in person at our locations or by calling our sales line, and pay by debit or credit card. The card used for payment should be produced at the CheckIn counter of TheCockpit.

How closely does the simulator resemble the real thing?

Our simulators are replicas of real cockpits. They are in fact so real that pilots regulary come to us and use our simulators for their own training requirements.

What is the minimum age?

Captains above six years of age will be able to safely land the big jet. We are very flexible in choosing our captains.

Can I bring a friend?

Our Simulators are designed for you to bring a friend to watch you during the flight. However, no sharing of flight seats can be allowed. Maximum of two visitors are allowed inside the cockpit.

How extensive is the briefing?

We try to keep the briefing short but depending on your interest this can be extended to fit your requirements and your experience.

Do I need any flying experience?

For us you are born pilot. You can be the captain of our aircraft the instant you enter the cockpit. No prior flight experience is required for flying the simulator.

Can I fly the Simulator myself?

Of course. Your pilot Instructor will guide you through the process and you will be the Pilot flying in TheCockpit.

Who can take Pilot Training courses?

It is designed for PPL/CPL holders who are planning to take up flying as a full time career in the airline or corporate sector. This is skill enhancement training with focus on airline entry preparation and Compass test.

Does Pilot Training course focus on ATPL questions?

We have a training module catering to ATPL refresher questionnaire which will help trainees to pass airline technical interview.

Does Pilot Training course prepare trainees for Compass Technical Interview?

Yes. Our training modules incorporate internationally certified Compass Test capsules. Compass Test will soon become gold standard for any airline induction screening course. Our trainees will additionally be more comfortable in simulator check flight as compared to others.

Are you certified by DGCA for pilot training courses?

As a start-up flight simulator centre, our focus is on public entertainment and skill enhancement of professional pilots. As of now, we are neither certified by DGCA nor have we applied for such certification. In our second phase, we will seek DGCA certification. However, similar Simulators have received regulatory approvals in many countries. Pilots will benefit from our affiliated training organizations which are certified for pilot training across the world.

Do you carry out Pre-Type rating course?

Yes. Before going for expensive Type Rating or Command Upgrade course, an investment into VIRTUAL TYPE RATING COURSE will make your actual type rating a piece of cake. Supervised flying in simulator enhances aircraft handling skills, CRM, overall situational awareness and decision making abilities. Our virtual course also makes the mundane task of mastering procedures a very interesting exercise.

What is there for experienced airline pilot at TheCockpit?

Experienced airline pilots can challenge themselves to land in strong crosswind and zero visibility condition at some of the most challenging airports of the world. We have a special capsule for airline pilots called “RELIVE HUDSON RIVER LANDING”. For more details, see Pilot Training section under Extreme Adventure section.