Group Captain (Retd) SS Mehdi
The Cockpit

Gp Capt Mehdi is a celebrated aero-nautical engineer, having served in the Indian Air Force for over three decades. During his meritorious service in the IAF, his responsibilities ranged from ensuring airworthiness of all the Aircraft, training of personnel to the highest standards,Management of Academic Institutions, Indigenisation, Administration and Welfare. He developed the first simulator in his capacity as Commanding Officer of a Technical Institute which helped technicians to learn aircraft startup procedures and safety issues without accessing the actual aircraft. From there on, he has been working on various innovative projects. “The Cockpit” was therefore a natural destination for him to innovate and create new concept.

He has been a proud member of Gangotri to Gangasagar River Rafting Expedition in Oct 2013. Plays Golf, likes adventure, participates in cultural activities, runs an NGO and Loves to make this world a Happier One, to the best of his ability.

Gp Capt Mehdi brings with him three decades of Aeronautical experience,Training Expertise and leadership as military commander. He is committed to serve public in making every moment, a lifetime experience to fly in “The Cockpit” as a pilot.

Ashish Pant
Director, President Finance
The Cockpit

Ashish Pant is a professional chartered accountant, entrepreneur and social worker. In the world of chartered accountants, he has a name taken with respect for his professionalism and knowledge. Ashish along with his wife Dr Monika Pant support many underprivileged slum dwellers with food, medicine and employment.
Not many people know that to be a pilot was Ashish’s childhood dream. Like most of us, Ashish’s childhood dream was sacrificed due to realities and ruggedness of life.
Once, while travelling through Europe, he saw a flight simulator and the child in him awakened the desire to peep into the pilot’s world. Nothing stops a successful man from realizing his dream. And, he flew the Boeing jet simulator. OH MY GOD! The joy of realising childhood dream was limitless. He couldn’t believe that he was actually good at controlling the big jet and was able to land it safely in his first attempt, of course, with the assistance of a pilot sitting next to him. But he was the captain of the aircraft, handling controls and making decisions. Sense of fulfillment and achievement was immense. For few minutes, he lived the life of a pilot.

Ashish is also aware that there are many successful doctors, engineers, lawyers, IT professionals who had once dreamt of being a pilot. Their dreams have remained unfulfilled.

He wants to help others fulfill their childhood dream of being a pilot of a jet airliner, move the aircraft on the runway and takeoff the big jet into the sky and then take on the challenge to land it safely.

Age is no bar, kids love it as much as we oldies. He says, “Everyone must fly a jet, at least once in a lifetime.”

And therefore “The Cockpit” a flight simulator, is born out of the joy of being in a pilot’s seat for a non pilot.

Captain Ehsan Khalid
Chief Pilot, President
The Cockpit

Capt Ehsan Khalid is a senior Corporate Aviation Consultant associated with corporates Jindal Steel & Power Limited and Airtel. He is also the chief pilot for India Flysafe Pvt Ltd. Currently, he flies top of the line Bombardier Business Jet Global Express.

It has been his ambition to share the joy of flying with those whose childhood dream was to fly an aero plane. He wants general public to feel the pleasure of being in control of a jet airliner and test their skills to land a Boeing jet on the runway with zero visibility due to dense fog.

Capt Khalid retired from the IAF as a Squadron Leader. He had been a coveted A2 Flight Instructor in the IAF, which is a rare distinction and mark of professional excellence. Having taken premature retirement from the IAF after 17 years of active and adventurous flying career, he joined commercial aviation as Captain on B737NG aircraft with Sahara Airlines and Jetlite. He was with Kingfisher Airlines on Airbus 340 fleet. He has flown as captain and instructor on AN-32, Do-228, B737, A340 and Global Express.

His ambition is to spread the joy of flying a jet amongst Indian masses. He believes that most of us have dreamt to be in a pilot’s seat, flying the big jets, taking off and landing on the runways. He wants to help others to fulfill their long childhood dream by making them sit in “The Cockpit” and fly

And therefore “The Cockpit” a flight simulator, is born out of the joy of being in a pilot’s seat for a non pilot.