Our state of art simulator replicates the Boeing 737NG cockpit to the minutest details and simulates handling characteristics of real jet aircraft with realistic interface with air traffic controllers and aviation environment. It is not certified in India by the DGCA but similar machines have regulatory approval in many countries to carryout certified pilot training.

General Specification

  • Fully enclosed glass synthetic cockpit with data base of over 24,000 civil and military airports.
  • Visual display: High definition 180 degree visual display in day, night, dawn and dusk time with simulation of fog, haze, sun glare with complete IFR runway markings and lightings compatible with Cat3C ILS (instrument landing system) landing.
  • Avionics – Dual FMCs (flight management computer), AP autopilots and auto-throttles with Primary Flight Display (PFD), Navigation Display (ND) and Engine Display Units, full functioning flight deck systems, including MCP, FMC/CDU, AFDS, ground proximity warning system (GPWS).
  • Upper Display Unit (Upper DU) displays include N1 Indicators, EGT Indicators, Fuel Flow Indicators, Fuel Quantity Indicators, Fuel Alert Indicators and Crew Alert.
  • Lower Display Unit (Lower DU) displays include N2 Indicators, Fuel Flow Indicators, Oil Pressure Indicators, Oil Temperature Indicators, Oil Quantity Indicators and Engine Vibration Indicators.
  • Auto-throttle full feature: Motorized Thrust Levers, Thrust Reverse Levers, Flap Lever with Go Around Gates, Motorized Speed Brake Lever, TO/GA(take off / go around)Switch, A/T Disconnect Switches, Moving Stabilizer Trim Wheels and Pointers, Fuel Control Switches and Parking Brake.