1) Comprehensive Airline Entry Preparation (CAEP) Course:

TheCockpit offers ‘cost-effective’ Pilot Training for individuals, flying schools and airlines. Pilots desirous of training for Pre-Airline Induction interview will be extensively trained to ensure that they are fully prepared and excel over their competitors. We have affiliations with internationally reputed training institutes to help you through latest COMPASS TEST AND TECHNICAL INTERVIEW for an airline entry. We also offer employment as Simulator Instructor to our trained pilots subject to their skills in client interaction and communication skills. The entire training will have three sections to complete the training package. They are as follows:

A. Ground classes and online tutorials: Based on ATPL questions to prepare for airline technical interview. Our new ATPL Technical Question database enables those candidates practising for airline recruitment the opportunity to practise ATPL-based questions that are likely to be asked in their technical interviews.

B. Flight Simulator syllabus: The training syllabus is based upon Type Rating training consisting of 20 hours of PF and 20 hrs of PNF. This flight experience will enhance the skills of our trainee pilots such that the excel in any airline entry simulator check ride. This training will also make actually type rating training a piece of cake for our trainees. The trainees have the option of delaying 10 hours of simulator flight to a date which is closer to airline check ride date

C. Compass Test for Airline Entry Technical Interview: This is the latest IATA/ICAO mandated test pattern that all major airlines follow for their induction test. Spice Jet and Indigo have already changed over to this international gold standard for pilot screening. With our European affiliate training institutes, we will train our pilots to crack this test pattern with ease and confidence.

Training Investment: Rs 1.5 lacs plus taxes.

We will soon be inducting Airbus 320 State of Art Level C compatible simulators. Our first batch trainees (First 30 trainees on B737 NG) will be given a complimentary 10 hours training on our A320 simulators.

Salary on offer of employment: We have a fixed salary of Rs 25000/- per month plus incentive depending upon flight hours. No bond will be needed. If you are selected for an airline, give us enough notice to prepare for a send off party to celebrate for your bright airline future. In all, other cases, one month notice period is required to be served.


Comprehensive Airline Entry Preparation Course (CAEP) is the most comprehensive course designed for CPL holders in Indian region. It is the only course that prepares you all the way to Simulator Check and readies you for a Type Rating Course.

Mail to hr@cockpitindia.com


2) The Compass Test Module:

Internationally accepted compass test pattern is design to measure reserve of concentration while performing simple motor action. There by checking psycho motor skills for suitability in higher levels of involvement as in a flying environment. This module can be separately subscribed and will be provided as per the syllabus of our affiliated and certified international partners. The module will include following subjects.

  • Maths Questions
  • Science Questions
  • Aviation Knowledge
  • Interview Questions
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Visual Reasoning
  • ‘Orientation’ Test
  • ‘Command’ Test
  • ‘Memory’ Test
  • ‘Control’ Test
  • ‘Bearings’ Test
  • ‘Guidance’ Test
  • ‘Motors’ Test
  • ‘Switch’ Test
  • Averaging System


3) Simulator Assessments for Pilot Recruitment

The simulator is ideal to be used to conduct Assessments as part of the Pilot Recruitment Process to test the various pilot skills required. Pilots with upcoming assessments can also use the simulator for preparation.


4) Pre and Post Type-Rating Training

The simulator is used by pilots planning to complete a Boeing Type rating to gain familiarity with the aircraft systems and operating procedures. Remedial Training and revision exercises can be executed prior to airline specific type training.


5) Instrument Training including glass cockpit familiarization

Approach Training including ILS and RNAV SOPs and Standardization Training Promotional Training including Command Upgrades and Check and Training Airport Orientation and Familiarization



In addition to our Comprehensive Airline Entry Preparation Course, our simulators will soon be available for dry and wet hire for use across a wide range of training applications. Used by numerous flying schools and operators world-wide, these simulators are designed for the following training applications:

A. Jet Orientation Courses: Designed to ease the process for pilots transitioning from propeller aircraft to jets, by introducing and demonstrating the fundamental differences between them, and gaining familiarity with the modern jet cockpit.

B. Multi-crew Training including Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Threat and Error Management (TEM): Includes experiencing the Multi Crew environment and teaching the skills required for pilots to perform duties and communicate as a two-pilot crew in a modern jet aircraft. Simulators are commonly used for this application.


For more information on the use and availability, please Contact Us at hr@cockpitindia.com